MYH and Prevent

Muslim Youth Helpline (MYH) does not accept funds from agencies connected with Prevent.

The due diligence we undertake to ensure this is three fold:

  1. We do not apply for, nor accept any Prevent funding

  2. We ask organisations and individuals who fund us whether they are connected with the Prevent programme

  3. When asked to speak at conferences or to deliver training at organisations, we ask whether they are Prevent funded.

MYH’s position can be further clarified from our Fundraising Policy, which is available on request by emailing info@myh.org.uk.

We often say that ‘Muslim youth are affected by the same issues as other youth, with added faith and culturally sensitive baggage’. Part of that baggage is Islamophobia, securitisation of their world, and the public’s perception of Muslims in the UK. 

The brilliant Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan has written about this, and her words in The Guardian resonate with us:

“We don’t want BLF to stop running, we want it to continue, but in such a way that the local community’s trust is not breached, art is not securitised, our concerns are properly met and acknowledged, and the government’s agenda is resisted so that funds relating to arts and culture, not policing and counter-extremism, are what prop up an important festival like this.”

We would welcome funds from governmental agencies, from the mental health or public health funds, but not from counter-extremism, ‘radicalisation’ or security funds.

For further information, questions or clarifications, please email our Director Zohra Khaku at zohra.khaku@myh.org.uk.


Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan in the Guardian:

Afroze Fatima Zaidi’s piece in The Canary about the Prevent agenda’s attempts to ‘infiltrate Muslim spaces, often covertly, for its own security agenda’

Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan’s statement on why she withdrew from Bradford Literature Festival


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