A letter from our Director

Dear Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that my time as Director at Muslim Youth Helpline will come to an end this summer InshaAllah.

MYH is going through an exciting time and a period of growth. The helpline is so busy with enquiries, we can hardly handle them all. Keeping in mind that I was hired to help relaunch the helpline service, we are seeking a new Director with a different set of skills. Our new Director will lead the organisation through a period of growth, ensuring we can keep our non-judgemental ethos while funding and resourcing our ambition.

MYH’s volunteers, staff and Board of Trustees are incredible human beings. This team changes lives on a daily basis. They deal with the sticky stuff - the taboo, the guilt, the shame, the things nobody wants to discuss. I will always be humbled by and admire the work they do every day, listening to trauma and hopelessness to ensure that our clients have the one thing they feel like they are missing - somebody that cares enough to be there for them.

Muslim Youth Helpline changed my life. When I joined the first batch of volunteers at MYH back in 2001, I had no idea how much Mohammed Sadiq Mamdani’s creation would impact my life. Even though the team spent many nights at the helpline till way past midnight, volunteering at MYH has always given me more than I’ve given back. It has resulted in the most meaningful relationships of my life, allowed me to learn, to make mistakes, and to understand how a simple connection with someone over the phone can save a life.

MYH has been through its ups and downs through its 18 year history. The thing that will always stay at the top of my mind, as anyone who has ever volunteered or worked here will tell you, is that act of being on this side of the phone creates a connection in your soul that never really leaves you. Being Director at MYH has been an honour and a privilege, and is one which I am not stepping away from lightly.

Recruitment for the next Director of MYH is open, and we are looking forward to hearing from the wonderful talent in our community. Please share the opportunity and consider whether you or someone you know would thrive in this challenging and exciting environment. Most importantly, they need to be someone who understands that being there with no judgement in moments of darkness is the most important thing you can do for the many people in our community in emotional distress.

We are also recruiting volunteers to help take enquiries at the helpline. Our small team takes hundreds of enquiries every month, and we need more volunteers to help us do this. Please share this opportunity and apply.

Thank you for all your support over the years, both for MYH and for myself. The community has reached out with advice, volunteered your time, funded us when we most needed it, and these things have made an impact I will always appreciate.

As always, please keep our clients and MYH in your prayers.



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