7 key takeaways from our roundtable meeting with Prince Harry

Muslim Youth Helpline had a seat at the right table yesterday when the Duke of Sussex met with us and other mental health organisations to discuss how to prevent mental health issues.

The aim of the round table was to collaborate on thought around the root causes of mental health issues, and to discuss how we might tackle these. Since 50% of mental illness in adult life (excluding dementia) starts before age 15 and 75% by age 18, preventing mental health issues from arising is an important issue to ensure that our youth can live successful and healthy lives.

My key take aways from the roundtable:

MYH is on a mission to create partnerships that really make a difference for our beneficiaries, and there is lots of scope out there. We share a belief with other organisations that life can be better for those suffering through emotional issues, and this means there is a shared intention between us. Collaboration is key and is possible.

  1. When people refer to ‘mental health’, what they often mean is ‘mental ill health’, which is not the same thing.

  2. Supporting whole families through difficult times is sometimes better than only supporting the individual in need. Parents and siblings need help too.

  3. Parents, teachers, youth workers, any group you can think of - everyone needs some basic mental health training. They are often the people who are dealing with mental ill health on the front lines, and would like to be better equipped to handle it.

  4. Muslim Youth are a hard audience to reach, and the Royal Foundation has done a great job at reaching out and ensuring we have the opportunity to collaborate with other organisations. There is expertise out there that young Muslims need, and we’re working on bringing it in to the community.

  5. There are lots of positive stories about mental health, and these need to be shared more widely. Role models and inspiration are aplenty, but those stories are rarely seen or heard.

  6. Prince Harry is really clued up on mental health issues.

Thank you to The Royal Foundation for organising the round table, to South Ealing YMCA for hosting, and to the other organisations round the table for their expertise and their offers to collaborate.

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