11 simple ways to manage stress

April is Stress Awareness Month! Whether you’re in the leave or the remain camp, you’re probably stressed. Here are some ways you can deal with stress in a healthy way, as recommended by our Helpline Team:

1) Listen to a guided meditation. Do this every day.

Here are some suggestions from Mindful.

Our favourites are the guided walking meditation and the reconciliation meditation.

2) Put on a face mask and close your eyes while it dries

Have you ever tried putting cucumber slices on your eyes like you see in the movies? Why not give it a try? Cleansing your skin and having some ‘me time’ can give you a short break in your day and help you relax 

3) Read a good book

When you’re absorbed in a great story, you’re not thinking about your own. By reading something that really grabs your attention, you might be able to shift your focus and lighten your load. Here are a few books we’d recommend for losing yourself in a great story

Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak

Born a Crime by Trevor Noah

The Humans by Matt Haig

4) Watch a comedy skit, or get lost down a comedy rabbit hole on YouTube

Here are a few to get you started:

5) Spend time with a friend or family member that makes you laugh

Do you have a friend who always has you in hysterics? Or a family member who is fun to talk to? Laughter is a great to deal with stress. Let it out!

6) Write down what’s on your mind

Writing things down is great way to let your thoughts out of your mind. Since they are written down, you can read them back later if you need to

7) Try out a new hobby or learn a new skill that is different to your daily activities

How about learning how to paint at Art Night? Ice skating lessons? Ever heard of Wallball? Try something new and different to shake up your routine and give you something to do every week that allows you to focus on experiencing some creativity 

8) Step outside and get some fresh air

There is something soothing about the great outdoors, and even in cities we can find small patches of green to rest our eyes on. 

9) Put on some music and dance like nobody is watching

When was the last time you just let go? Try it, and if you don’t want to listen to music, dance to the tune in your mind.

10) Do something active. A simple walk or a visit to the gym

Try walking in a local park, round the block or to a friend’s house. Physical movement allows your body to use up some of the adrenaline in your body, and to refresh your outlook

11) Cook a meal from a cuisine you’ve never tried before 

Doing something creative and different, coupled with preparing something for yourself to eat, is a fun and practical way of focusing your mind on something

And finally, you can get in touch with MYH. We’re here to listen via phone, email or web chat. Let’s talk through why you’re stressed.

MYH provides a listening service every day of the year. Find our contact details below.


0808 808 2008



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