Riz Ahmed

“Muslim Youth Helpline is unique and much needed. Young Muslims need an organisation like this to go to confidentially with their concerns, which can often be culturally specific and need to be heard by people with empathy and the experience of the MYH staff. I support their work in helping young people resolve their problems”

Sadiq Khan

“It can be difficult for young people to reconcile multiple religious, cultural and national identities, with profound implications for development at an important time in their lives. The Muslim Youth Helpline understands this, and provides an extremely important service, as a trusted listener, advisor and supporter of young British Muslims These are challenges I experienced myself in South London. Had the Muslim Youth Helpline been around way back then, I would have welcomed the support and opportunities it provides.”

Mishal Hussain

“MYH does invaluable work supporting young people at a time of need and deserve widespread and whole-hearted support”

Shelina Zahra Janmohamed

“Muslim Youth Helpline provides invaluable support to young Muslim men and women throughout the country. Youth is a confusing time, whatever background you are from, and young Muslims suffer no less difficulties. As a community we need to show them our support and trust and supporting MYH is a great way to do that.”

Mehdi Hasan

It’s time British Muslim communities come together to support such charities. Muslim Youth Helpline is doing bold, innovative and invaluable work to help and protect some of our most vulnerable young people. Long may it continue!”

Amir Khan

“The Muslim Youth Helpline is a beacon of hope for young Muslims across Britain. It is our responsibility to ensure young Muslims get the support they need to overcome personal challenges and succeed in achieving their goals. The Muslim Youth Helpline clears a path to success for these young Muslims and it’s with great pride that I support this worthy and noble cause.”

Ed Miliband

“Young people often need a supportive, impartial, word of advice or someone to talk things through with at certain points in their lives. In tough times like these, sadly, that need is likely to increase. So many young people across this country are trying to find their way, struggling to find work or training opportunities or are worried about the costs of going to university. And for many young people that search for meaning or for support will also touch on matters of faith. Any service, especially a volunteer service, which offers young people helpful advice or the opportunity to be listened to when they need it most, deserves wholehearted support I wish the Muslim Youth Helpline all the best for the future”

David Cameron

“I am delighted to congratulate the Muslim Youth Helpline on ten years of supporting young people on such a variety of issues. Giving young people support and encouragement through difficult times is enormously important. For young people growing up in some of our most deprived communities, the Muslim Youth Helpline’s work does just that. I wish you ongoing success in the future”

Jehangir Malik

“Whilst there are unfortunately countless global tragedies that require our continuous support, it is equally important that the troubled youth here in the UK are not forgotten but are nurtured and listened to. A service providing free, confidential emotional support can prove to be a lifeline to those in need and Islamic Relief stands strongly in support of this much needed charity. May the hard work at MYH long continue and may Allah reward all those involved for their efforts.”

Kristiane Backer

“Muslim Youth Helpline supports young people in difficult situations like no one else can. It saves many lives and comforts many more souls. MYH’s contribution to our youth is essential as it fills a gap that no other organisation, family or friends can reach. Please support MYH generously”


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