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Muslim Youth Helpline conducted a survey of 1,071 young British Muslims, their mental health and access to help in 2018.

Our Research Intern Jamilla Hekmoun set out a clear question for our project: ‘What is the state of mental health among young British Muslims in the UK?’ With this as our core aim, we developed a survey, spread it as far and wide as we could on social media and via our network of contacts, and received over 1,000 responses.

We hope that by generating this data we can help provide a benchmark for future research. We call on future mental health surveys to build on these findings.

This project design and data collection was conducted by Jamilla Hekmoun with the support of Rabia Bashir. Jamilla’s hard work was built upon by several volunteers who generously gave their time and expertise to make this report happen. Thank you to Dr Issrah Jawad, Dr Aalaa Jawad and Dr Mohammed Jawad for their analysis and to Robi Chowdhury for design.

“Faith based data is currently not available in the field of mental health. This research report is a vital data point in tracking the mental health of young British Muslims. The fact that respondents did not reach out for help highlights the need to tackle stigma, and there is a clear need for better access to mental health services. We call on future mental health surveys to build on these findings.” - Zohra Khaku, Director, MYH

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