Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Helpline confidential?

MYH offers a confidential support service to all who access our services. Any person telephoning, e-mailing, writing or accessing the internet support service of the MYH is assured that any information he or she provides will not be divulged to any person outside MYH.

The confidentiality of a user of the service can be broken in certain exceptional circumstances when the client life, or someone else’s life us under threat or in the case of a breach of law. We encourage you to discuss any concerns about confidentiality with our Helpline Workers who would be happy to provide further information.


Is it free to contact the Helpline?

Calls made from a landline are free within England, Wales and Scotland. The number is free to call from most mobile networks however we encourage you to check this with your provider first. MYH also offers a call back service, so you could request for us to call you on your mobile.


What information do I need to provide when contacting the Helpline and why?

Our Helpline volunteers will ask you for basic information such as your age, location and ethnicity. This is so we can better understand the profile of our clients and use the information to improve the targeting and quality of ours service. Helpline Workers may also ask you for a name or alias.  This is so we can identify you and provide an effective service if you chose to contact us more than once.

All information is kept according to the Data Protection Act 1998.


How do your Helpline volunteers help clients?

Our Helpline volunteers are trained to respond to vulnerable and distressed clients by listening to their concerns in a non-chastising manner, reassure them by offering support, exploring feasible options for action and, where necessary, make referrals to specialist agencies.


Can I call more than once?

Our Helpline volunteers are well trained to identify if you need more support. If the Helpline volunteer assesses that you need more listening support they will invite you to access the service again. We also have a call plan in place for those who need extensive support and fall outside of our short-term service provision.


Can I speak to the same Helpline volunteer if I call back?

MYH does not encourage the practice of speaking to the same Helpline volunteers. All our Helpline volunteers are trained at the same level, and part of the reason we ask for some basic information is so when and if you call again another Helpline volunteer can read the notes of the call without you having to repeat your concerns to a new person. Helpline volunteers rotate shift hours so MYH cannot guarantee that the same person will be available to speak to you on an ongoing basis.


How is MYH different from other Helplines?

Whilst the issues MYH deals with are no different from most other helplines in the UK, MYH is able to provide its clients with faith and culturally sensitive support – something that mainstream services are still unable to provide. Many of our clients are reluctant to call mainstream services for fear of being discriminated and misunderstood. We address this by building the confidence of our clients to access mainstream services when they need specialist support.


Does MYH provide religious advice?

MYH is a faith and culturally sensitive organization but we do not provide religious advice. Our Helpline volunteers and staff are well trained to signpost you to more appropriate services, including qualified religious scholars if you are seeking religious advice or guidance to ensure you receive the best guidance on these matters.

As a faith and culturally sensitive service, our volunteers are trained to use hadith and Quranic ayah to give words of comfort where appropriate for the client.


What if I want religious advice?

We recognise that some clients do seek religious advice and support. In these cases we signpost you to more appropriate services, including qualified religious scholars if you are seeking religious advice or guidance to ensure you receive the best guidance on these matters.

We respond to requests for religious guidance in the same way we would for specialist guidance on any matter such are drugs rehabilitation or psychological counselling by signposting clients to specialists.


Why doesn't MYH give Islamic guidance?

We believe that first and foremost our clients need empathy, compassion and a listening ear. Many of our clients are afraid to talk to friends or family for fear of chastisement or condemnation. By providing a safe non-judgmental space in which they can talk about their problems we are able to help them take steps to address them.

We recognise that it’s the fear of condemnation and judgment that adds to the suffering that our clients are facing and often turns them away from the Muslim community altogether.

What is the difference between signposting and referrals?

MYH can signpost or refer its users depending on their need. Signposting is when our staff or volunteers can provide you with information on another provider that is most relevant to your concern. Signposting happens when our trained staff and volunteers assess if your concern falls outside the remit of our work and that another organization would be more suitable to your needs.

A referral is when we feel our user will benefit from us directly supporting them to connect to another provider. MYH can make referrals to other organizations providing in-depth counseling, social services, and medical professionals.


How does the Internet Chat (IC) work?

Using an IC is like using any other chat tool on the internet. You can connect to our IC via our main website by clicking on the ‘Chat to us now’ icon on our main homepage. When you click on the icon you are asked to enter some basic details to help us better understand your background.


I would prefer to email you. When should I expect a reply for my email?

A lot of our users feel most comfortable writing to us via email. If this is your preferred method then email us on: One of our trained Helpline volunteers will respond to your email within 1 – 5 working days.


I have a complaint to make, how do I do this?

We welcome any complaints or feedback so we can provide you with a better service. If you have any complaints or comments please feel free to use the contact form on the website. Alternatively you can email: with the subject heading: COMPLAINT or COMMENTS. Your email will be responded to within 1 – 5 working days.


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