MYH Alumni 2020

Dear MYH Fam,




I hope you and yours are doing very well. This is a mass call out to the MYH family. To all those who have been part of the organisation in any way, over the last 19 years. 

Whether you were delivering leaflets, doing bucket collections, answering calls, ordering Domino’s pizza or Papa Del’s chicken, writing articles, organising events, washing the 900 mugs in the sink, or being that person who left your 900 mugs in the sink, you were and still are a vital part of MYH.


The helpline is currently busier than we have been in our entire 19 year history, and you all know first hand the impact that we make in our clients’ lives. It is an incredible achievement that MYH has come this far, and it would be great to reconnect with the wonderful people in our MYH family ahead of our 20th anniversary next year.


We really want to make sure we don’t miss this opportunity to reconnect MYH with those who are passionate about the cause.

We’re asking for three things:

1) Please leave your name and email address here if you’d like to join the MYH alumni network. A client recently called us #TeamSupportBae, and I quite like the name! When you sign up I’ll send you a form to fill in with what you’d like to be part of. No spam, promise.*


2) If you’re in touch with anyone from MYH, please do forward this on. Otherwise please think about who you knew at MYH and pop some names in the message box. It’ll help us try and track them down.

3) You know all too well how we’re a lifeline for those in distress and those who have nowhere to turn. If each alum of MYH donated a few pounds each month we’d be able to take more enquiries. Please tap on the donate button below and help build up a solid base for MYH.




One last thing - I’m leaving my role as Director in July. Depending on where we are with the pandemic, it would be wonderful to organise a get together of some sort around then. More details when you join the network.


Please keep MYH and more importantly our clients in your prayers in this special month. You’ll be in ours.






Director, MYH


*can’t guarantee there won’t be Minion GIFs though


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